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More spaciousness, more room for manoeuvring, more creativity. The trend for open space in architecture brings new levels of freedom, but they are not always a plus: Open rooms and smooth surfaces such as glass or concrete increase sound volumes and lead to more noise exposure.
Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer easily creates areas of calm with a noise reduction of up to 16dB – simply, effectively and stylishly.

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Islands of calm

Structuring zones, reducing noise exposure and improving acoustic privacy: In rooms with high noise levels, Création Baumann’s Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer creates attractive islands of calm. This innovative all-in-one system is the textile solution to design the optimum sound ratio—without any construction work.
Outside: Increased noise exposure
Where many people communicate, such as in open-plan offices, noise levels tend to be high. Acoustic Divider Vario offers a solution here.
Inside: Acoustic islands of calm
Concentrating to develop ideas, making phone calls in peace and quiet, holding a productive meeting. If you are looking for quiet areas, you will find them behind Acoustic Divider Vario.

Layer by layer less noise

Up to now, acoustically dividing spaces used to involve extensive and expensive construction work. Création Baumann, an innovation leader in developing functional textiles, has created a textile and therefore a significantly more cost-efficient solution for effectively, flexibly and attractively subdividing a room’s soundscape: Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer.

Acoustic Divider Vario features an acoustic fabric on its front and back. In between we place one or two layers of NoiseSilencer. This composition effectively insulates sound.

Création Baumann has developed simulation software in cooperation with the University of Lucerne (Engineering and Architecture) that calculates the noise reduction for any textile combinations.

Enhanced choice of fabrics

Even more textiles are now available for the Acoustic Divider Vario. Choose from over 90 acoustic fabrics in many colours and textures – all with the best qualities in terms of material, workmanship and functionality.
All acoustic fabrics

Finished and ready for installation

To achieve the acoustic values, Acoustic Divider Vario needs to be installed professionally. Création Baumann can deliver the divider – made to measure to custom requirements – as a readily finished product. Please note that Acoustic Divider Vario is assembled upright on the floor. 

In addition to assembly with pleats (additional 50%), the Acoustic Divider Vario can now also be used in a flat design without pleats (additional 15%). The textiles can be assembled upright on the floor or hanging.

The metal rail for ceiling installation is available in two profile sizes, excelling in a high load capacity of 90 and/or 150 kg – straight or curved, in white or in grey. The rail has smoothly running internal custom castors and can be operated by hand or motor.
More about the rail system

Acoustic Divider Vario helps to implement the wish for flexible sound insulation and customisable sound absorption for zoning in a more than attractive way.

Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Phys. Christian Nocke, Akustikbüro Oldenburg, Germany

Acoustic Divider Vario, 4 layers

The measurement values with two layers of NoiseSilencer show a sound reduction of 14 to 16 decibels.

Test reports of 5 selected textiles: Arno, Secret, Sport, Phantom Plus und Alex

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